Let the industry experts help you make YOUR dream come true

Let us bring your manuscript to its full potential.

From editing through to print and ecopy, we’ll pull it all together.

Price Guide: R30 000.00 (quote given per project)

You’ve written a book, but how much do you know about the book industry?

A one hour session will blow your mind with what is required to become a part of this fascinating world.

Face-to-Face or via Zoom, book your session now (R500.00/hour)

You’ve written a book, but is it readable? Are you getting your message to the reader?

Fiction or non-fiction your words need to make sense. An editor will not only look at  grammar and spelling, but the flow and ease of understanding in your words.

Exclusively done via email and using TrackChanges in Word, the cost is calculated per project depending on the type of edit you require (minimum R0.30 per word)

A picture is worth a thousand words….for a book cover that is certainly the case. A professionally designed cover suited to your genre is essential. Don’t waste all your effort in writing the manuscript by having a potential reader discard it before even opening it.

Price Guide: R4000.00 (quote per project)

The layout of the interior of your book is as important as the cover.  Don’t become a DNF author because readers are distracted by inconsistencies in the layout.

Price Guide: R1000.00 (quote per project)

How many times have you looked at your manuscript? Your brain is seeing errors as correct! Do it right and have someone else make it right.

Price Guide: Minimum: R1000.00; R0.05 per word (quote per project)

Choose your paper and the quantity and let us get your printing done.

Price Guide: Quote per project (variables make a significant difference in the price per copy)

Yay! You’re ready to sell your professional product but how do you reach the world? 

We’ll create the necessary accounts to upload your ebook and Print On Demand to Amazon and other etailers.

Price Guide: R1000.00 (Quote per project)

Need a visual teaser to entice readers to purchase your book?

We’ll produce a world class video trailer designed for your book.

Price Guide: R1500.00 (Quote per project)

Great graphics on social media catch a potential reader’s eye so make sure they the best they can be as you head towards your launch and beyond.

Price Guide: R1500.00 (Quote per project)

It’s time to grow your email list and a landing page is the simplest way to gather those prized email addresses ethically

Price Guide: R1750.00 (Quote per project)

What do you know about the industry? This well-informed lady will get you on the right path
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