Inappropriate Medley has a soul that emerges from a place of pain, loss, and survival. It is a feminist political project in its first phase. It relies on feminist creatives and activists, Liberian, and people globally, to challenge the status quo through consciousness building. This collection of poetry is vital to exploring the concepts of love, grief, pleasure, and change. The normalization of trends focused on violating people’s rights and rendering them taboo has had a pronounced impact on our generation. The patriarchal mandate to control the bodies of womxn must be interrogated and stopped. The book’s objective is to start a meaningful conversation. It brings a non-negotiable message on the in-depth excavation of life’s realities, exposing systems that steal the joy of womxn and why redemption is critical.

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Be a part of the process of memory, storytelling and dismantling of  checkpoints in Liberia and globally.

I have had numerous conversations since my book was launched on December 19, 2020. It has been a fantastic experience to witness the shared solidarity across the world. It has also been a haunting experience seeing the connections we hold across war and current checkpoints. It is essential to use these conversations as learning and teaching moments. We must keep the momentum and bring to fore the patriarchal system that morphs daily, stealing womxn joy and right to reach their full potential.


How do we do this?


Be a part of the process of memory, memorialization, and bring your activism to light by speaking against checkpoints in the lives of womxn. We can collectively expose and end the violation of womxn’s rights in Liberia and globally. While we do this, we will remember the height of violent atrocities which the lens of the civil war and other uprisings before it. We will not forget the 250,000 people killed at checkpoints and other places in Liberia and those who survived this period.


Set in a continuum of violence, identity, politics, and pleasure-we will challenge ourselves to see freedom as redemption. We look forward to your unique stories and solidarity and will speak out about issues we have kept under the radar for too long. This action will be a step towards healing from past atrocities and the checkpoints we navigate today. 

Sign up and sign on to exposing and ending the systems that steal the joy of womxn!